The partners of S.M.U. have extensive experience developing and executing licensing strategies within the fashion industry. Having operated high profile apparel companies the partners have been responsible for initiating and concluding numerous licensing agreements both here and abroad.

In approaching a licensing project, the partners evaluate the licensors' current product offerings, its marketing strategy, avenues of distribution, price points, and licensors' ability to maintain the value of its trademark. SMU determine the natural product extensions appropriate to license. Once concluded, a licensing strategy is developed with specific companies earmarked as potential licensees.

SMU evaluates potential licensees by determining the company's marketing and distribution strengths, design and product development abilities, sourcing

abilities, and its ability to finance the sales of the licensed products while simultaneously guaranteeing the license agreement.

In developing a multiple license structure, SMU attempts to develop a network of companies that creates a compatible product mix and ultimately works together on advertising and public relations programs and the ability to maintain a consistent approach to distribution.

As it generally takes twelve to eighteen months for a licensee to properly develop and fine tune the licensed business, it is SMU's firm belief that a licensor not enter into a license agreement for short term rewards. Rather, we prefer to think long term, allowing the licensee to build a solid business poised for long term growth and multiple renewals of the license agreement.

The SMU partners have been licensees as well as licensors. This experience has enabled SMU to fully comprehend the dynamics of the licensing transaction. Listed below are a roster of companies which have been clients or have had involvement with SMU partners:

  • Pierre Cardin
  • Basic Elements
  • Naf Naf
  • Levi Strauss
  • Moda Vida
  • Harve' Bernard
  • Capacity
  • Alex Colman
  • Oleg Cassini
  • Custom Shirt Shops
  • Aquascutrm
  • Countess Mara
  • Cyrano Shirts
  • Opal
  • Suzelle
  • Vira Cristina
  • Gala
  • Ava Baby

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