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Mr. Richard Price               

Q : How did you come up with the idea of S.M.U. ?

A : I've been in the fashion industry for over twenty-five years - the last fifteen as a National Sales Manager. And, after all this time, I love the business. I enjoy the challenge of watching a company grow through my efforts. A number of years ago, I became aware that the companies which could most benefit from my experience and expertise could least afford my services. So I came up with the concept of S.M.U.

Q : What is the concept behind S.M.U. ?

A : In a word - sales! Sales are the lifeblood of any organization. After all, nothing happens until the sale is made. Manufacturers, therefore, rely on a productive and efficient sales force to generate the revenues needed to grow and prosper. A well-trained, highly motivated, enthusiastic national sales force can mean the difference between success and failure. And such a sales force requires expert, professional sales management which can be expensive - perhaps even unaffordable for small,


growing companies. So S.M.U. offers "full-time" services to a number of companies. This entitles them to all our experience and expertise for a "part-time" price.

Q : What are some of the services you offer your customers?

A : We just talked about the importance of sales. But S.M.U. offers more than just selling. In fact, much of what we provide involves getting the product ready to be sold. In fact, everything starts with the product. Is it right? How can we fix it? How can we make it better? Is this what the consumer wants? We believe our biggest contribution is our sense of fashion and style. We are instinctive and creative in the merchandising and marketing of lines. We have had years of experience with market research, pricing, styling, fabric, color and design. What this means to our customers is - We know what sells!

kay, now that we have a salable product, we put on the sales managers "hat". We are responsible for hiring, training and motivating a national sales force. This requires organizational and communication skills, diplomacy and tact, high levels of energy and enthusiasm, and years of experience. We also act as a liaison between the manufacturers and the sales force. It is our job to communicate the goals and vision of the company to our sales reps. In addition, we ensure that the company is responsive to the needs of the reps. Everything is interconnected because a synergy is created when a great product is promoted by an experienced, enthusiastic and highly motivated sales force. This synergy can dramatically increase sales, and that's the bottom line.

Q : What do you see in the future for S.M.U. ?

A : We see a tremendous demand for the type of services S.M.U. provides. Our niche is the small, promising, growing business and major manufacturers that are interested in opening new divisions and also establishing their own label in the U.S.A.. These types of businesses are emerging increasingly in the marketplace. Also, to our knowledge, there are no other companies like S.M.U. I think that maybe because our special temperament allows us to handle all the different "juggling balls in the air" at one time. We work for different people with different styles and different demands. This requires patience, people skills and perseverance. But since I can only personally handle so many accounts at one time, I have expanded my business and brought in three associates. These are highly professional sales managers who manage in the S.M.U. style.


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