As a national sales management company, we are responsible for recruitment and direct supervision of sales personnel and management of territories. Our job is to exert leadership through appropriate planning, organizing, hire, integrating and evaluating sales functions. We also have responsibilities for customer relations, marketing analysis, product planning, advertising, sales promotion, sales forecasting and other related functions.




        Propose programs for promoting sales of all lines.

         Devise selling methods and techniques to be employed by the sales forces

         Work with sales people at major markets and maintain high selling standards

         Assist sales people in developing their territories and increasing customer contacts

         Make personal calls on large volume customers and prospective customers as required

         Review and approve overall and increasing customer contacts

         Make personal calls on large volume customers and prospective customers as required

         Review the line with the design department at various steps of completion so that an appropriate sales strategy can be implemented

         Review marketing efforts to best maximize performance levels.

         Propose merchandising innovations for the expansion of present and future lines 


         Sales people must receive samples prior to major markets

         Sales Managers Unlimited must receive all pertinent information on a timely basis.

         Sales Managers Unlimited will be informed on the availability of merchandise to be sold on a weekly basis.

         Sales Manager Unlimited will be provided with the current selling reports on a weekly basis.

The premier import and export company for the apparel industry.  

Helping Companies Change; Providing Consulting and Advisory Services to the Fashion Industry

In today's volatile apparel industry, competition is increasing and opportunities are decreasing.

Senior executives, confronted with the fierce daily challenges of running their companies, may find it difficult to assess how quickly, and in which direction, their businesses are moving. Sales Managers Unlimited ("SMU"), a management, merchandising and sales firm catering to apparel and fashion related businesses, can provide the independent judgement and experience necessary to help a company grow through strategic planning and implantation services in the areas of Business Repair and Restructuring, Strategic Alliances, Corporate Finance and Global Marketing.

Founded in 1989, SMU is distinguished by the blend of talents and experience of its professionals. Each, a seasoned veteran who has built some of the premiere names in fashion; brings to SMU the solid background and sharp insights that make apparel businesses succeed.
SMU has developed a highly successful independent, integrated team approach to management and merchandising. Each engagement is specifically tailored to the needs of the client and work is done only by senior staff. Though SMU's distinguished professionals specialize in different facets of the apparel business, each also has a solid understanding of the diverse issues that confront senior management. This enables the team to thoroughly analyze all aspects of a company and its performance and then position it to operate at a maximum level of efficiency and profitability. SMU helps clients address a range of sensitive areas including:

        Positioning companies for Sale, Acquisition or Strategic Alliances

        Business Repair and Restructuring

        Specialty Financing

        Import Financing


        Purchase Order Financing


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