Product Development - Merchandising The merchandiser is responsible for product development. So, we say: Merchandising is planning to have the right merchandise at the right time in the right quantity and at the right price to meet the needs of the company's target customers. It is the primary concern of the Fashion company to provide a product line that will meet the needs of the selected target market and produce a profit. The product line is the primary responsibility of the merchandising division. Merchandising is the planning, development, and presentation of a product line for an identified target market with regard of prices, assortments, styling, and timing. Variety of the line: The product line is a manufacturer's source of potential profit and therefore its content, development and production require constant analysis and planning. The wrong mix of products may not appeal or meet the needs of the specific target market and thus would limit sales & profits. The number of lines (ranges) a manufacturer produces in one year (and the number of styles) depends on the specific needs, size and projected sales volume. Different buyers have different needs - "Narrow and Deep" or "Spread the liability" - what is best for you? This is our job to "Focus" on your capabilities and make things work. most effective reps from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle and San Francisco



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